The Oasis Ranch


The Oasis Ranch

The Oasis Ranch will be a long-term residential safe home for rescued victims of human trafficking, ages 8 to 19.


Located in a tranquil setting, nestled among tall pines and open fields, the Oasis Ranch will be fully equipped to help the girls find healing on several important levels: emotional, physical, psychological,  and spiritual.

With a gifted and dedicated full time & volunteer staff, girls will be able to receive counseling, receive medical treatment, continue their education, learn vital life skills, explore different hobbies, and enrich and encourage each other in their healing journeys. Employing professional counselors, equestrian therapy, worship opportunities, and many activities that will help them realize their full self-worth, the Oasis Ranch will truly be an oasis experience for these girls that have been through so much.

When a girl is ready to leave the Oasis Ranch, our staff will walk with her every step to make sure her new situation is not only safe, but a healthy and good fit for her. The Oasis Ranch will also be a place that alumni can come to pour their experience and understanding into the lives of the current group of girls staying at The Ranch, giving them an opportunity to experience the gift of giving back, while helping others who would benefit greatly from their experiences, and visibly experience examples of what true healing can look like.

We are currently in ‘Phase 1’ of our four phase process. We are fast-tracking the process, because we feel that we don’t have time to waste. The faster we are able to open our doors, the more girls we can help.

Currently, there are only about 40 of these types of safe/rehabilitation homes in the United States, with a total of only 700 total beds. That's less than .8 facilities and 14 beds in each state. The largest facility, located in Southern California, has 250 beds, so in reality each facility nationwide holds approximately 9 rescued victims. The truth is there are just not enough places to go for girls rescued from trafficking to find healing in a safe environment. Oftentimes the girls are released back into the foster care system or a bad home life, only to be put at risk all over again. The situation is at a crisis level.

We see that need, and are working diligently to create an amazing and vital place of healing, encouragement and hope for these girls. We desperately need your help to make this a reality. Either through donating your time, expertise, or much needed funds, you will be helping create a safe oasis of hope and healing. To find out how you can best help, press the 'Learn More' button below

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We see that need, and are working diligently to create an amazing and vital place of healing, encouragement and hope for these girls.

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Phase 1

Locating and purchasing the right piece of land for the Oasis Ranch

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Phase 2

Locating the right staff to make the Oasis Ranch run

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Phase 3

Construct Oasis Ranch buildings

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Phase 4

Officially open the doors to our first group of amazing young women